things I would say to my younger self.
• save •friends say sorry •you are intelligent •stay quirky •do what you love •there are people who will appreciate you •you are beautiful •do not wait for anyone else to join in in order to do what you love. •your flaws make you perfect •keep doing you •you are a role model •be kind not a doormat •excuses don’t look good on you •never let anyone speak down to you. *EVER* •focus on yourself •you are talented •live your life on your time and at your own pace.

Why are women so hateful? 😔

8.18.14|| Skin


I love being a black woman.


I need a mental detox.I need to cleanse my mind and reboot. So I’m going to go on a mental fast. I need to renew myself of any negative thoughts and influences. I don’t have a time frame for long I’ll be doing it. I just know it needs to be done. 

I can’t pretend like everything that has been going on doesn’t effect me.


The story behind this painting…


The story behind this painting…

Bon Iver
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I watched you today as you interacted with her. She is a little firecracker.

I watched as she fit in your arms while you carried her. She trust you. Not just because she is around you a lot, but because she knows your heart.

Kids have that ability to see us for who we are. And the way she leans into you speaks volumes.

I watched you with her. And it melted my heart. She may not remember these little moments when she gets older. But she will always know there was someone who always made the effort to reach to her.

hey there :) whats up? love your blog.
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All is well. I am blessed.

Thank you kindly. I enjoy your post as well.

Much love.

comfortable in my own skin.

8.15.14|| month 1

I have enjoyed watching my hair grow these past weeks. But nothing can replace how I felt after shaving my head. 

8.15.14|| kiss kiss.

8.15.14|| kiss kiss.