I Gotta Find Peace Of Mind
Lauryn Hill
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today i was completely disrespected by someone i thought was my friend. what made it worse was when i told him what he was doing he completely ignored me. I held my ground and I put him in his place. and while i was disappointed that it ever happened, i was proud of myself for doing it. i just wanted to document that.

i made a point today to ask everyone i could what they would be doing career wise if they could do anything. they all looked taken aback as though no one had asked them that before.

after really thinking about it, none of them chose what they were doing right now.

i will not allow that to be me.

yesterday i was on the verge of giving up on everything. tonight I sat in front of a woman who was mentally ill. her life will revolve around her illness. she will take medication for the rest of her life. whether or not she has dreams of achieving something great her illness will always be a handicap. what’s my excuse?

i need

love and devotion •passion unwavering •intellectual conversation •emotional stimulation •love that is tender raw and wild •i need to be cared for •to be heard •to be showered in attention and affection •to be respected

but trust and believe, everything I ask of you i will also give. these are things i value and need. i will not settle.

i will do what needs to be done become the person i want to be. it is not nearly as difficult as being someone i am not.

Til The End Of Time
Timothy Bloom
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thank you love. <3

thank you love. <3

"life has put me through so much that i am not afraid anymore."

20 promises to me

1. i refuse to just exist.
2. my life will be lived fully and completely.
3. i will take every opportunity and i will have no regrets.
4. the only “what if” i will ask myself is what if i don’t take a chance to do what makes me happy.
5. i will live my life fully.
6. i will remain true to the core of who i am.
7. i will invest in myself and my happiness.
8. i will not settle.
9. i will not compare my life to anyone else’s.
10. in every moment i will be present.
11. i will live in today.
12. i will be kind to myself.
13. i will be successful.
14. i will define my own happiness.
15. i will let go of toxic people.
16. i will not let my fears control me.
17. i will take a chance on love.
18. i will appreciate all that I have to offer.
19. i will focus on myself.
20. i will nourish my spirit.

i love my lips