When I left this room was disaster. Fabric, needles, and thread were everywhere. But I came back to this.

My family is so good to me. Today I’ll share pics of my latest bag. I’m about to start the next two. Orders keep coming and I have yet to properly advertise. This is amazing!

When I left this room was disaster. Fabric, needles, and thread were everywhere. But I came back to this.

My family is so good to me. Today I’ll share pics of my latest bag. I’m about to start the next two. Orders keep coming and I have yet to properly advertise. This is amazing!

I’ve been asked to make a wedding dress.

Someone please pick me up

I’m officially in a puddle.


I had every intention of going to North Carolina this week, but instead I’ll be staying here sewing and making business arrangements. 

  • Start buying fabric/sewing.
  • Make business cards.
  • Contact web designer to get website started.
  • Get brand name and monogram copyrighted.
  • Decide on packaging.



Running on no sleep I slaved over the finishing touches of the bag. I have always been a perfectionist, but now that I knew I was making a business out of my designs there was added pressure. No stitch could be out of place. And there wasn’t. The bag was glorious. I could barely keep myself from crying. It didn’t look like I made it. (I swear it was as if I’d given birth. My beautiful baby had finally arrived). It looked store bought. Unfortunately, I had wasn’t able to take proper pictures of it because I finished 15 minutes before my deadline.(I have cell phone pictures of it but they don’t do it justice so I won’t be sharing them).

So I brought the bag to my client. I was excited, I was nervous, I was overwhelmed it. The minute she saw it she started gushing over how much she’d loved it. I swear my heart was bursting. I always keep what I do so to myself it overwhelming to see someone else embrace it. We spoke about it for a bit, she paid me, and left

Five minutes later she calls me. I go over and there’s a group of people who all want a bag. Asking me questions. Shocked that I was able to make something of that quality. So I stood there. Going over design ideas, discussing fabrics and styles. I never felt more scared and at home. It flowed so naturally. Designing is what I love. Designing is who I am. It is my passion.

I walked away in a pile of my own sweat. I couldn’t believe the rush of it all. I felt like I was dreaming. I ignored the pressure I felt to perform and embraced the pure joy I had. I tried to fight back the tears and get the ridiculous smile off of my face (I know I am a complete cornball). Being able to put out what I love and have others love it just as much or more than I do is the greatest feeling there is. 


After my meeting I felt motivated to make those bags I’d been putting off. Not to mention one of the people who had asked me to make them one cornered me until I agreed to bring it for them on Sunday.

So I ran to the fabric store, bought what I needed, and started working on it. The adored my fabric choice. And so did my family. Everyone was trying to buy the unmade bag, but it already had a home waiting. (Not going to lie I wanted to keep it for myself).


"Mandy, you are too talented and have too many ideas not to be making them happen. You are amazing. Stop hiding your talents. You have too much to offer to live with any regrets. You will be successful. So make it happen." 

-As said by Cece the most amazing woman I have ever met.


I had a business meeting. I discussed all my ideas and goals as a designer and photographer. There are hundreds of things I want to do. I have so many directions I want to take myself in that I lacked focus, which meant I wasn’t going anywhere.

So plans were made and goals set for the year. I got so much encouragement with everything I want to do it was overwhelming. At the end of it all I felt confident going forward (while scared out of my mind). I also got financial advising from someone in banking which was amazing. 

From this morning’s run. 

Life lately:

  • I started running again. I missed it.
  • I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair, especially from men. (Thanks for noticing).
  • I’ve been working on my quilted tote bags. I have three to make for Sunday and two more next week. (I’ll share more about that later).
  • I’ve been paying attention to myself and my needs.
  • I’ve allowed myself to be in a relationship (I guess after three years it’s time).
  • I am whole. I am happy. I am blessed.

Chapter 23|| Love

Has been knocking on my door for a while. 


But persistently knocking. 

I finally decided to let it in.

And I am forever changed. 

This morning I woke up and decided that who I am today is enough.

And I’ve never felt more alive.

Wild Horses
Rolling Stones
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The undercover hater is the WORST. The way they try to get under your skin with those double edged questions.
asked by thequeenliz

Yesssss…But I’ve figured it out. They’re just trying to get you to stop doing whatever it is they are hating on so they can jump on it themselves. It’s an art really. lol

Conversations I'd rather not have again.

  1. [The judgmental dinner date]
  2. Person: Is that all you're eating?
  3. Me: Yes, it's called a serving size.
  4. ----
  5. [The Smooth Talker]
  6. Smooth Talker: Girl, I wish I was yo man. I would put my-
  7. Me: Uh huh, right. Can we just skip all this and get right to the part where you confess you have no idea what you're talking about? And please move your hand, that is not my knee.
  8. ----
  9. [The undercover hater]
  10. Them: What the hell are you wearing and what happened to your hair?
  11. Me: Oh I dunno the same thing you'll be doing in a few months.
  12. ----
  13. [Ms. Fishing for compliments]
  14. Her: Does this make me look fat? You think he'll ever call me back? Why couldn't I look more like you?
  15. Me: Yes. Probably not. Because lightening doesn't strike in the same place twice.
  16. (Alright so I'd never actually tell a girl that. BUT we all know someone like that, and that is exactly what we'd like to tell them).